Over the past three years, I have learned some proven techniques and strategies that have allowed my family and I to travel for FREE or save a lot of money by using travel reward points and other strategies.  

Because of my passion for travel and my desire to help others, I started teaching a travel class to help others save money so they can fulfill some of their dreams of traveling to different places of their choosing.  

For those who want one on one help or additional help after the course, I also coach individuals who want to save thousands of dollars in travel.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

- St. Augustine

  • My travel team has trained thousands of people over our professional careers in multiple areas in several disciplines including travel.
  • We teach a successful travel class through a life long learning program in the county, in which we reside.
  • We have traveled to multiple countries and states using the same strategies that I will teach you.
  • We have saved thousands of dollars over the past three years while using these travel strategies. 
  • Our teenage daughter has been to multiple counties over the past few years with and without us using some of our strategies. 
  • We are traveling to Israel, Spain, Italy and France in 2019.
  • Our travel students are now teaching other people how to travel using our proven strategies.
  • I am a certified professional coach and I use my coaching skills to help my students reach their travel goals.

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BOLCC Travel Online Teachable Course

Would you like to save money when you travel or travel for FREE? We do have proven strategies to help you and your family "Create a Travel for Free Lifestyle". 

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